EMSA Inter Cities

Jul 21 to Jul 22, 2019

Welcome to the Edmonton Inter-City Finals, July 21-22, 2018!

Traveling to Calgary for Inter-Cities -click here.

Inter Cities Rules and Regulations: Inter-Cities Rules and Regulations 2018.pdf
It is very important that all team officials familiarize themselves with the Inter City Finals rules and regulations.

Tournament Headquarters:

If you require assistance, please visit our headquarters location. ******Fields are open, FIELD CHANGES HAVE BEEN UPDATED TO THE MAIN SCHEDULE*******

Ivor Dent Spots Park 50 St & Ellerslie Rd, Edmonton, AB T6X 1A4 click here for field map


Sandman Signature Hotel 10111 Ellerslie Rd SW

Best Western Plus South Edmonton 1204 101 St SW, Edmonton

Four Points By Sheraton Edmonton Gateway 10010 12 Ave SW, Edmonton

(587.340.3674 for COACHES AND MANAGERS Emergencies only)

Game Sheets and Player Cards

Rosters: Once all the team names have been confirmed and entered into the website the coach will then click on the game sheet icon beside each game they play in Inter-Cities and enter team information.

Inter Cities game sheets will be used for the tournament (each team should download three (3) . Player’s names are to be included on the game sheets.

Players are not required to have player’s cards for the competition. Game sheets are to be turned into the game officials prior to kickoff.

Tournament officials will collect the game sheets from the referees following the game. Should an official not be available on your field to collect the game sheets, it is the responsibility of the winning team – or in case of a tie, the home team – to deliver the game sheets to tournament headquarters.

Guest Play (Trialist) Form: Trialist Form.pdf

1. Teams are permitted to use up to four (4) lateral trialists players (same tier they are competing in), and trialist players from a lower tier/age category.

2. Teams will follow any additional local rules & regulations pertaining to the utilization of trialist players.

3. THE MOVEMENT MUST OCCUR WITHIN THE SAME ZONE (example West Zone to West Zone or North Zone to North Zone. You cannot have a North Zone player as a trialist on a West Zone team). Out of District teams can only use trialists from their own District.

4. Trialists do not require player cards.

5. A written permission letter is also acceptable in place of this form. All information below must be included in the letter. ·

6. All fields below must be filled out entirely.

7. Prior written approval of the Coach or Team Designate of the team for which the player is registered must be obtained. The written approval (trialist form) must be surrendered to the referee at the start of the game or prior to the start of the second half if the trialist arrives late. It must be submitted along with the game sheets to the referee.

8. For regular league play, any registered player may play in a higher Tier (in the same age category) or higher age category.

Note: The player must already be registered on another EMSA team during the current season in order to be an eligible trialist for your team. If they are not registered on any EMSA team during the current season then they cannot be used as a trialist with the exception of rule 308.1C.

The following conditions must also be met:

a) No more than a total of (4) such players can be recruited for any one (1) game. Trialist players can be used to increase their game roster size up to the maximum team roster size of 20 players. The player(s) will be noted as ‘trialist’ on the game sheet (there is a section for this located on the bottom of the game sheet).

b) A player can be used a trialist for a maximum of five (5) games per team (tournament games do not count towards the total number of games). The trialist/guest player(s) must be noted on your game sheet in the provided space prior to the game start when the game sheet is given to the referee.

c) No EMSA player may play on an EIYSA team as a trialist at any time. No EIYSA player shall play on an EMSA team as a trialist at any time with the exception that EIYSA players may play on an EMSA team as a trialist in tournament play.

d) Teams from out of district who are participating in the EMSA program are permitted to use trialists from their parent organizations/zone/district as long as they are an ASA registered player for that season; they are from a lower division or lower age category; and the use of the trialists does not violate any EMSA or ASA rules.

e) Premier/Club players are ineligible as trialists on all community teams.

f) Players who are currently serving a suspension from EMSA or ASA are ineligible as trialists

Length of game:
U11 – 2 halves of 35 minutes
U13 – 2 halves of 40 minutes
U15 – 2 halves of 45 minutes

There are NO TIME OUTS.

Inclement Weather Procedures

The City of Edmonton Field Conditions line will NOT be in effect for this tournament. All teams must show up to their designated fields regardless of any current or pending inclement weather and no matter what the field conditions line indicates otherwise they forfeit the game. If HQ rules a game cannot be played, teams will be either asked to proceed directly to Penalty Kicks or will be notified of a rescheduled game date/time.

EMSA will work hard to ensure all games are played in some form, even if it means going to penalty kicks.

All teams must show up to their scheduled game no matter what the weather conditions are. The fate of your game will be decided at “game time” by Tournament Headquarters. Teams not showing up to the field of play will lose their game by default.

Tournament Headquarters will be given constant updates by the Volunteer field Marshal at the field.

If the weather is not cooperating:

If the weather is considered dangerous (Thunder & Lightning in the area) at game time or any point during the game, Headquarters will ask the field marshal to inform the referee to postpone the game & teams must take shelter. Once it is safe to return the field teams will be asked to continue their games as promptly as possible. A decision may be made by Tournament Headquarters to shorten the game if necessary or go to Penalty Kicks.DO NOT leave the Complex without talking to Headquarters first or you risk forfeiting the game should it recommence once the storm passes.

If thunder is heard and lightning is seen in or around the area where teams are playing please notify your volunteer field marshal. At that time, he/she will notify tournament Head-quarters and a decision whether or not to postpone the game will be made.

Only as a last resort will penalty kicks be considered to decide a game. We will have considered the safety of players, the potential for permanent damage to the field, and whether there is the possibility of an alternative field the play can be moved to. If Tournament Headquarters makes the decision to decide the game by penalty kicks, standard penalty kick procedures will be followed.

Only Tournament Headquarters will make the call to postpone or shorten games. Information will be relayed through the field marshal. Team representatives & referees will not cancel or postpone games without the permission of Tournament Headquarters.

It is important to remember that Tournament Headquarters will make a decision with the best interest & safety of the children & spectators on the field. We thank you in advance for your understanding.

The Mercy Rule is in effect for this competition:

All games can end in a tie as it is a round robin competition. CMSA and EMSA will use the “mercy rule” for this competition.No team will be given more than a 5 goal win differential.Tie-breaking procedures will use statistics AFTER the mercy rule was applied, i.e.: if a team wins 6 – 0, they will only receive credit for 5-0 regardless of the actual score.

Referees are required to mark actual scores on games sheets.Mercy Rule is applied by headquarters prior to recording final score and posting the game results.


Nets and Corner flags will be set up already to go for your game at the Ivor Dent Complex.

It is the responsibility of the home team to change to an alternate coloured jersey if both teams are indistinguishable (according to the referee). Home teams should carry back up pinnies

It is the responsibility of the home team to provide a proper game ball to the referee.

Rules of Play

This competition will follow the ASA Indoor Provincial Championship Rules with the exception of tie breaking procedures.

Tie breaking procedures for this competition are as follows:

Two Way Tie Three/Four Way Tie

1) Head to Head

2) Goal Differential

3) Least Goals Against

4) Penalty Kicks

Three/Four Way Tie

1) Goal Differential

2) Least Goals Scored

3) Penalty Kicks

Awards Presentation

Gold, Silver, Bronze and Copper medals shall be awarded in each of the categories. Awards will be presented following the final game of the schedule. Check with the competition organizers for the location details of the medal presentation.

An Important Reminder

This Championship Event is for the enjoyment of our youth players. Coaches, parents, and players are reminded to have fun, respect each other, the referees, volunteers, and tournament staff. Please keep fair play in mind, and remember - without the opposition this event would not be possible.